Using the elearning tool will enhance your training program. But even before you invest in such a tool, you need to create some research that wold best fit your situation. There are so many solutions to choose from. Because there is such a large selection, you would need to choose wisely. There are some that might be too huge and too expensive, others can be too small and too cheap, some can be too complex or too simple. There are also some services out there that uses a flat fee, and some will charge you according to the number of users.


You also need to put in mind that what work well for you may not work well for the other people. Every person have their  own specific needs. Using a hosted tool will also allow you to read the benefits of it. Some would attest that hosted tools are better than those that are purchased and integrated in your very own intranet.


Here are the 10 things for the right elearning experience:


1.            Creating course folders or the courses should be done in a very orderly and systematic manner. This will enable you to keep  an organized training program while being able to access it easily.


2.            Adding documents to the folders such as word documents, excel files, PDF files, videos, audios, spreadsheets and other should be done easily. Watch a video about this software here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZEddjwCV-I.


3.            Examination tools are vital components as they allow the examiners to test their understanding of the lesson.


4.            There should be a full contact experience in the elearning presentation as it allows for better understanding and learning to the trainees.


5.            Reading, watching, listening, experiencing - these are the four modalities of elearning. Since everyone learns in many different ways, there should be a powerful mechanism for it. View demo of this software before you purchase it.



6.            By having surveys, you can get feedback from the trainees.


7.            Performance appraisals and certificates should be given out as well.


8.            The elearning from Torch's website should be accessible in both situations wherein there is an real time instructor leading the class and wherein people can register even if the training is in offsite.


9.            To save you time and money, a robust trucking system that can score and keep track of the trainees' performance is a must.


10.          There are two types of solutions - hosted and non hosted. You need to choose between the two that would fit your business infrastructures.



If you don't do your research, there is no guarantee as to what kind of system you will be getting.